AIBB Accredited Business Broker

Graham Long - Director

P: 1300551757

M: 0428649791


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I have been in the property and business sales industry for over 20 years.

I am an independent business broker and business valuer.

Privacy is most important in dealing with business sales or values. I work directly with and close to clients and handle their business affairs with privacy and discretion. You know where all you information is and approve who gets access to it.

My processes and procedures are my own, built up from personal experience owning and operating businesses and in selling and buying businesses. They are unique to me.

Clients can expect a close and private relationship. Issues are discussed at a personal level and advice given. Decisions are made by clients. They control their affairs. It is important.

I am happy to discuss aspects of businesses with prospective clients. Simply call me or email me.

I offer services to small to medium business buyers and sellers (by small to medium businesses we are speaking about businesses with one to about 20 employees).

I can help people with:
Business value
preparing to sell a business,
buying businesses,
starting businesses,
business benchmarking information
reducing business risks and maximizing returns, and
many other business matters I may be able to assist with