Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, and Flood Restoration                            For Sale        $69,000   

Services (cleaning)

Owner answers phone , quotes, takes bookings, enters jobs in diary, sends invoices to corporate clients, informs carpet cleaner the jobs for the day. Can be run from anywhere,

Carpet Cleaning, Pest Control, and Flood Restoration 3 businesses in one
Time employee doing the work and very happy to stay
Owner curently does not do Carpet Cleaning or Pest Control
Business has been operating for many years
All systems in place
Expansion absolutely possible with nothing to spend in equipment
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  • Equipment value sold with the business is around $93,000
  • Owners currently answer phones quote & diarize bookings & text work schedule to Employees
  • Now Owner will have to move and rehouse equipment for continued operation
  • Training will be provided to new operator both on the tools and the management
  • Excellent prospects to ramp the business with two vehicles unused
  • Prospect of working in a wider region
  • Current Takings (2013) $3,100 per week
  • Owners (2013) Income EBITDA $1,800 per week

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